Loves vintage and traveling. Dreams of living in a tiny house, someday.


4 thoughts on “Me

  1. WOW..I love your blog/site Colleen!!! The work looks really really great!!
    You GO!!!! OMG..when I was little I used to set up my dolls on plastic horses and set them up in my yard and take their pictures….but WOW this goes way beyond that. I love your eye and your compositioning….not to mention the lighting on all the work!!!!

  2. Colleen…this is your cousin, Patty. I knew you were talented but this is over the top! Saw your husband’s too…what a pair. Hey, may be you could make Aunt Joan even look better at 80 even though she is quite amazing and beautiful already! xo

  3. Was sent the link to your site and was blown away! Been 25 years since I have see your name and even though I always knew you were an amazing talent…..was mezmorized by your abilities!!! WOW

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